WinLog is the result of many years of feedback and enhancement to TEWBLOG, the TechEdge wideband datalogging software. WinLog is a new, generic logging software platform that enables the user to connect multiple, non-related logging devices simultaneously.  Collected  log data  can be monitored in real-time on the screen (completely user-definable "dashboard"), and also be logged to  file for later review. In addition, WinLog provides a standard architecture in which drivers can be easily developed to support new devices.



Downloading the software

Click HERE to download WinLog v1.2 (stable)

Be sure to check below for additional setup information and documentation!!!


Included with WinLog is WinLogView, a data log viewing application that has the ability to open ASCII based log files. (including WinLog and MegaTune format files). Both WinLog and WinLogView and Win32 applications that will run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. For system requirements, please see the users guides for the applications.

WinLogView has the ability to completely customize the way that data is displayed, and also can display the data in either "Graph Mode" or "Matrix Mode".

WinLogView in "Graph" mode

WinLogView in "Matrix" mode


WinLog has the following features to make make data logging a simple and powerful process:

- Support for multiple simultaneous connected logging devices (up to 64)
- Will synchronize data from different logging devices into a combined log file
- User defineable log fields
- Completely customizable "Dashboard", which allows you to watch the logging device in real time, the dashboard includes the following "gauges":
    - Analog Gauge - An standard analog gauge, which includes a digital display, and user definable color bezel for warnings.
    - NEW Analog Gauge - An standard analog gauge, user definable and skinnable!.
    - Bitmap Gauge - An gauge that can display user defined bitmaps in response to logger input.
    - Digital Gauge - An easy to read, standard digital gauge, with peak/hold display
    - Realtime Scrolling Graph - Makes it easy to look back in time a few seconds to see what was happening
    - Realtime "Matrix" Graph - A powerful spreadsheet style gauge that allows you to analyze complicated sets of data in real-time.
    - Bar Gauge - A "progress bar" style gauge, that can be defined a a single, or sweep color range.
    - User defined function buttons - Makes touchscreen access to device and WinLog functions accessable.
- Gauge size position and appearance can be defined by the user. Multiple copies of each type of gauge can be defined.
- Touchscreen friendly (dashboard and device setup is easiest done using a mouse, but logging and review is touchscreen friendly)
- Fully configurable user defined alarms that can trigger logging, flash gauges, and play sound files.

WinLog is completely free to download and use.

WinLog Device Support

WinLog currently supports, and automatically installs drivers for the following devices:
-TechEdge v1.5 Wideband O2 Sensor (
-TechEdge v2.0 Packet Devices ( 2A0, 2A1, 2B0, 2C0, 2D0, 2D1, 2E0, 2J1, 3A, 3B1, 3E, and 3H1) (
-Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband O2 Sensor (
-Baumann TCS Transmission Controller (
-Microtech Engine Management System (

Using WinLog


Download Link (click the icon to download!)

WinLog Users Guide (PDF)

WinLogView Users Guide (PDF)
TechEdge Wideband O2 Device Driver Users Guide (PDF)
These drivers supports most TechEdge WideBand Devices, including:
V1.5, 2A0, 2A1, 2B0, 2C0, 2D0, 2D1, 2E0, 2J1
3A, 3B1, 3E, and 3H1

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WinLog has a very simple device driver interface that makes developing new device drivers for WinLog a simple process. Below you'll find a document describing the requirements for a WinLog device driver, and sample source code projects (C++, for use in Microsoft Visual Studio). You can download the free version of Visual Studio Express and start developing your own WinLog Device drivers based on the sample code below.

File Download Link
WinLog Sample RS-232 Device Driver Source
(ZIP file for Visual C++ 2008 Express)
WinLog Sample Device Driver Source
(ZIP file for Visual C++ 2008 Express)
WinLog Sample Device Driver Source