TEWBLOG is a Windows application that allows you to log data from your Tech Edge Wide Band 02 Lambda Meter. For more information on the Tech Edge Wide Band, please visit their web site at: http://www.wbo2.com

The Tech Edge Wide Band 02 Lambda Meter was one of the first available low cost DIY wide band oxygen sensor controllers, they are easy to build, and much less expensive than most of the other Lambda meters that are out there. After the v1.5 lambda meter was released, I decided it would be nice to have a powerful application that would make tuning my car easier. I found that looking over at the display while driving was somewhat dangerous, and wasn't a really accurate way to tune.



TEWBLOG has the following features to make tuning and monitoring your vehicles performance simple:

- Large, easy to read "gauges" that display the data coming back from the sensors in real time.
- A running graph that plots the history of the gauges as the car is running. This makes it simple to look back in time a few seconds as you are driving.
- Completely configurable "gauges". Each of the gauges can be configured to display the data from any type of sensor that can be connected to the TE Wide Band device.
- Configurable real-time graphs. Each of the graphs can be configured to display the data how you like it to be displayed.
- Time-stamped data for the TE-5301 and v1.5 meters. (Accurate to 10ms)
- Data is stored in a simple CSV (comma separated value) for easy import into other applications for analysis
- Support for all of the current versions of the Tech Edge wide band hardware, including the original TE-5301 display, the v1.5, and now the v2.0 hardware.

In addition to those features, the registered version of the software has the following features:

- No "Nag" screen when the program is started!  :-)
- On screen 2d graphical review of the logged data, with the ability to zoom in/zoom out and look at specific values at any point in the graph.
- Timestamp displayed as points are selected in the graph.
- Fully configurable alarms. Alarms can be defined based on one or more of the "gauges" being in a specified range. Complex combinations of gauges can be combined to make accurate alarms.
- AutoTrigger - A feature that allows you to define the conditions (based on gauges) which will cause the software to automatically start logging data.
- "Matrix" analysis mode provides the ability to plot the collected data in a spreadsheet style grid, with user defined plotting axes. For example, you could plot the RPM vs Manifold Pressure (if so equipped) and plot the Air Fuel ratio at the intersecting axis points.

Matrix Analysis Mode Screenshot:



Downloading the software

For details about changes made to the latest version of TEWBLOG, click HERE!

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